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This was the official website for the movie, Stand Your Ground, A Cry for Justice. The content below is from outside sources. It includes RottenTomatoes, Amazon DVD reviews, a synopsis from IMBD,as well as other information from 2013.

Coming to Theaters 1/17 October 18 2013


A man troubled by persistent thefts of copper from his property that he was to use in constructing several houses, stops a van with three men that turns up there. When they refuse to get out of the vehicle, he fires his shotgun as a warning and then accidentally kills one of them when it goes off when he prods him in the back with it.

His mother, who prayed for him to be found innocent, sees this outcome as divine intervention, in this highly distasteful Christian propaganda piece. It addresses neither the issue of the use of deadly force by a professed Christian, the issue of restitution to the family for the accidental killing of a breadwinner, the impact of this death on the local community and most importantly, the applicability of the stand your ground doctrine and its interpretation which seems to imply that fear or one's life provides justification to use a firearm against an unarmed individual who does not pose a demonstrable threat.

 Another aspect of the movie that I strongly disliked was the emphasis on the mother and not the torment of her son, who clearly experienced profound remorse as there is no doubt that he did not intend to kill anyone. The DA was portrayed as an unscrupulous villain who probably saw a conviction as being beneficial to her career.

The audience has no way of knowing how much of what was portrayed in the movie was accurate, including the dialogue that was used in the courtroom scenes.

Finally, I am puzzled by the constant unsubtle emphasis on faith and how this is to be interpreted. Did the mother really believe that her faith in G-d would protect her and her family from all harm? History teaches us otherwise. It never seemed to cross her mind that the non-guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion, since invoking stand your ground as a defense seems to work in many cases.

Here, I note with interest that "intense fear for one's life" seems to be the excuse given by many police officers who shoot dead unarmed citizens and even companion animals without compunction. Nobody seems to address the fact that the level of gun ownership in the USA is a factor in its murder rate which is several times higher than than that of other industrial countries.




"Stand Your Ground, A Cry for Justice" offers an impactful narrative that resonates deeply with Christian viewers seeking films with strong moral principles and spiritual leadership. The portrayal of a family's unwavering faith and their commitment to each other amidst trial is commendable, setting a positive example for audiences. However, some elements, like the use of questionable language and attire that seems to convey conflicting messages—specifically the prominence of a Joker T shirt might distract from the film's overall wholesome message. I think a Batman t shirt would have been so much less provocative - Batman symbolizes and ethical standard of justice and could have been a more appropriate choice. In films of this nature, it's crucial to focus on the film's core message of faith and justice. Despite these critiques, the production's intent to deliver a potent spiritual message is clear and appreciated. It's refreshing to see such films challenging viewers to reflect on deeper moral issues, even if there's room for improvement in content presentation. Andrew Hartman, Carnegie Press



RottenTomatoes Audience Review

Lee M **½ February 4, 2016

"Stand Your Ground" is a mixed bag as for everything which is good about it there is always something bad.

When Jackie Carpenter's son, Jason, is accused of murder she fights against the odds to free him but when the prosecution seeks a life sentence, both Jackie's and Jason's world spins into turmoil sending them on parallel journeys of wavering faith and tentative hope. STAND YOUR GROUND is the true story of a cry for justice and of tragedy, trust and triumph.

Rating: PG-13 (for some violence)

Genre: Action & Adventure , Drama

Directed By: Michael McClendon , Michael McClendon

Written By: Michael McClendon , Jackie Carpenter , Michael McClendon

In Theaters: Jan 16, 2014  Limited

On DVD: Apr 12, 2015

Runtime: 107 minutes

Studio: Seatz LLC.


  • Cameron Arnett as Mitchell Kane 
  • Drew Matthews as Jason Veitch 
  • Sandra W. Van Natta as Evelyn Pitt 
  • Will Ford as Deputy Clayton Book
  • Francine Locke as Jackie Carpenter



No mother should have to endure the ordeal that Jackie Carpenter and her family were put through as a result of her son's arrest after he accidentally shot a man stealing from his worksite. And never in her wildest dreams could this Georgia mom have known that she would become an author as a result of this terrifying experience, that her two books would be made into an award-winning movie, or that her son's case would be considered "textbook" in the annals of legal cases and be taught to future first year law students!

Taking first place recently in the Alaska International Film Festival, Stand Your Ground: A Cry For Justice by Triple Horse Studios is the award-winning movie that tells the gripping story of Jackie Carpenter's quest to save her family. Jackie's idyllic life was frozen in time The Day she heard her son was arrested for felony murder when all he did was defend his worksite from constant theft. Unfortunately, as he held the men at bay while waiting for the police to arrive, his gun accidentally fired and one of the men died. This is a movie that everyone needs to see because it shows how something that happens in a split second can change a life forever. While it has all the terror and tragedy of a blockbuster movie hit, this one is real life!

Stand Your Ground, showing in select theaters beginning January 17, 2014, tells the explosive story of the ten-month trial and how Jackie Carpenter's faith was tested to the max. The trailer for the movie won Award of Excellence in the Best Short Competition and Award of Merit in The Accolade Competition, and has been nominated as Best Picture in the ICVM Crown Awards and entered in the Gideon Film Festival!

Feeling physically, mentally and emotionally ill through the first six months of this ordeal resulted in Jackie questioning her faith. All this loving mom knew was that she needed God on her side throughout the trial and she prayed relentlessly, asking for strength and renewed faith. Once she stopped doubting, courage replaced fear and she knew that God heard her plea.

Jackie's first book, The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 (Xulon Publishing) tells the traumatic events after her son's arrest and how she used the prayer of protection, Psalm 91, to help face the turmoil of emotions raging through her and help her find the strength to hold her family together. Her second book, Georgia Justice, is a story of building faith. Jackie was able to overcome the grips of doubt and depression and her book acts as a guide for anyone wanting to renew and strengthen faith and hope On the Road to ultimate victory.

Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For information on Jackie and her books, or the extraordinary movie that will have audiences white-knuckled and hanging on to the edge of their seats


Amazon Reviews of the DVD Version of  Movie on DVD

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

The Truth Will Set You Free!

By Suzanne Doubet on May 8, 2015

Format: DVD

A great testimony of a mother's love for her son and her desire to fight for him no matter what the cost. It was also such an encouragement to see the son speak the truth even though the odds seemed against him. As for the mother, we see that she fights to the point of exhaustion and realizes she needs to let go, listen, and let God. A place where God desires all of us to be. We carry such heavy burdens that He alone can carry. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Jason, on the other hand, spoke the truth and the truth set him free (John 8:32)- by the grace of God. Speaking the truth is difficult when it could hurt us. However, when Gods people are praying, "no matter what the outcome" He says, "I will never leave or forsake thee." Such powerful reminders in a world where truth needs to be spoken and heard. Go Francine Locke & Drew Mathews- you are an amazing Christian Actors. I pray we continue to see more films of this nature and quality!


5.0 out of 5 stars

One of our family's favorite movies!!!

By Tiffany on May 8, 2015

Format: DVD

My family and I saw STAND YOUR GROUND movie when it was in theaters three times. We have already watched it on dvd twice. It is just that good! My ten year old son loves this movie as well! My husband and I have told everyone we know about it and suggested they see it. It is a very inspirational movie. We were laughing and crying every time we watched it. I can relate to this mother wanting to protect her son, but she feels completely helpless when he is falsely accused of murder. When she tries to take matters into her own hands instead of waiting and trusting in God, things begin to spiral out of control and she even nearly loses her own life. But, when her other son has a message from God for her to stay in the book of Psalms and she obeys and trusts God, then she sees that God begins to work miracles. It is a wonderful message for us to learn that when we are in the right, we should stand our ground and lean on God for guidance. We must trust God and stay in His Word and things will always work out in His perfect timing. This is one of our favorite movies. I am on the edge of my seat every time I watch it. I highly recommend this movie for you and your family to see.


4.0 out of 5 stars

Sooner or later, you may face the same challenge.

By Ken Godevenos on May 22, 2015

Format: DVD

I agreed to review this DVD because I believe there will soon come a time, if it has not come already, when each of us, will need to “stand our ground”. What sane, dedicated to God and family person does not, once challenged, want to stand up for his/her family, his/her rights, and his/her faith?

This movie depicts the real life experience of Jackie Carpenter, a wife and mother who had to do just that when it seemed “the system” was taking care of itself -- at the expense of the truth and her son.

In the process, Carpenter feels she is forced to take on not only her husband who prefers not to make any trouble, her advisors, her son’s lawyer, and ultimately God Himself. She tells God that if He won’t “fix this” when He hears the “cry for justice” [which also happens to be the movie’s sub-title], she will.

It is at this point that she may have felt as abandoned as Christ may have felt on the cross when He uttered the words, “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” It was not an easy place for Jesus to have been and it is never an easy place for any of His followers to be – to feel like that. Understanding that God is still there and cares very much requires great commitment and dedication – a faith that you do not get until you have to be there. Carpenter has to come to grips with her options. She can fight this alone with her own human capabilities and knowledge or she can let God be God and participate as a child of His while still fulfilling her role as a mother and watching her son suffer.

Trusting God and accepting what He allows are two different things as Carpenter finds out. And some people handle it bette than others.


3.0 out of 5 stars

Good Film - Family Friendly - Average Production

By M. Hodge on June 20, 2015

Format: Amazon Video Verified Purchase

We watched this movie based on the reviews here on Amazon. We also saw the Dove Foundation Family Approved symbol. It's a good movie and I recommend it but watch it with the understanding that this is not a top budget film. I agree with the Dove Foundation review that said the writing holds the watcher in suspense to the end. There are just some odd segments in the film that likely would have been edited out of a higher budget film.


5.0 out of 5 stars

I loved it. It can happen to anyone

By Tony Hermann on June 30, 2016

Format: Amazon Video Verified Purchase

I loved it. It can happen to anyone, being accused of a serious crime by being in the wrong place at the right time. The story never explained if the dead man and accomplices had intentions to steal anything. But a good "true events" story just the same.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Movie

By Shaun D on May 31, 2015

Format: DVD Verified Purchase

Excellent Movie! This movie is outstanding! Drew Matthews does an amazing job as Jason. We found this story very interesting and my wife was brought to tears by this story line. Its family friendly and still keeps you entertained. We highly recommend it.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Great, Uplifting Movie!

By Loveathm on May 19, 2015

Format: DVD

We all have those experiences that test our faith – experiences that either bring us to our knees or chase us far from them. These are defining moments in our lives – moments that can allow our faith to grow so much that we can’t help but share it with others – Watching the movie Stand Your Ground reminds me that when these trials of faith come, I can fall to my knees, I can listen and trust in the Lord, and with help from Jesus Christ, I can overcome them.

No movie could have a more appropriate title than Stand Your Ground. Throughout this movie, we watch Jackie, whose son Jason is accused of murder, struggle with her feelings of fear and overcome those feelings with faith. Jason Stands His Ground when he chooses to Stand for his Rights and protect his property. In doing so, he ends up accused of murder. He has to make decisions with his lawyers and has to choose whether to give up or keep fighting. As Jason fights, his mother, Jackie, has to learn to lean on God when there is nothing more she can do. We watch as she pleads with the Lord in anger, and then with humility, as she realizes He is the only one that can help.

I can only imagine the torment this family felt. Jason’s family stands by him, supporting him and fighting for him. The movie shows what heartache this situation was for all of them, and I couldn’t help but cry along as I watched. They also had wonderful people who were working as God’s hands to love them, support them, and hold them up when they could not stand on their own. During these moments in the movie, I felt the spirit testify of God’s hand in this family’s life.

In Stand Your Ground, Jason and Jackie stand for their Family, their Rights, and their Faith. Stand Your Ground is an amazing movie based on a true story.